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June 30, 2022
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Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015: A Reflection of Generosity and Impact

The Zakat Foundation™ Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to helping those in need across the globe through the Islamic practice of zakat, which involves giving a portion of one's wealth to those who are less fortunate. In 2015, the foundation continued its mission of serving humanity, and its annual report for that year provides a detailed account of its activities and achievements.

The report begins by outlining the foundation's overall strategy and approach, which is based on the principles of sustainability, impact, and accountability. It then provides an overview of the foundation's programs and services, which include emergency relief, development projects, education and vocational training, and healthcare initiatives. The report also highlights the foundation's partnerships with other organizations and its efforts to raise awareness and promote social justice.

One of the most notable achievements of the Zakat Foundation™ Canada in 2015 was its response to the Syrian refugee crisis. The foundation provided emergency relief to thousands of refugees, including food, shelter, medical care, and psychosocial support. The report also notes the foundation's efforts to help refugees resettle in Canada, providing them with language training, employment assistance, and other resources to help them integrate into Canadian society.

In addition to its work with refugees, the Zakat Foundation™ Canada also supported development projects in several countries, including Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan. These projects included the construction of schools and water wells, as well as the provision of livestock and agricultural support to help communities become more self-sufficient.

The foundation also continued its efforts to promote education and vocational training, providing scholarships to students in need and offering training programs in areas such as computer skills and sewing. The report highlights the success of these programs in empowering individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient and to break the cycle of poverty.

Overall, the Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015 provides a comprehensive overview of the foundation's activities and achievements during that year. It reflects the foundation's commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, and its dedication to transparency, accountability, and sustainability. The report serves as a testament to the generosity of donors and the hard work of the foundation's staff and volunteers, who continue to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities around the world.

Zakat Foundation canada annual report 2015 All of our Zakat Foundation finances are independently audited in line with Charity Commission rules in canada Read our annual reports to find out more: 2022 Zakat Foundation Annual Report In 2022, over 73,570 Muslims trusted Zakat Foundation to distribute their Zakat worldwide. It is a privilege to help Zakat payers with this important commitment. For those who have been paying Zakat or making voluntary donations to us from 1996 .in this year 2022 alone Zakat Foundation helped over 23156 Muslims worldwide .Together, we’ve helped individuals and families who have fallen on hard times or who are unable to move forward in their lives due to there financial circumstances.Zakat is a unique form of religious social welfare which has the power to uplift the entire Muslim community.Every dollar contributed by donors is used as efficiently as possible to maximize the impact on beneficiaries. Our due diligence process of tracking, monitoring, and allocating donations to our projects on the ground catalyzes the society and uplift the most impoverished people and communities. Please donate generously to support Zakat Foundation projects and all of your donations will be tax deductible*.


Zakat Foundation™ Canada is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that aims to empower individuals and communities through various programs and initiatives. The organization is committed to providing assistance to those in need, regardless of race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. Zakat Foundation™ Canada is dedicated to transparency and accountability in all its operations, and its annual report for 2015 is a testament to this commitment.

Overview of the Annual Report:

The Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015 is a comprehensive document that provides an overview of the organization's activities, achievements, and financial performance during the year. The report covers a range of topics, including the organization's mission, vision, and values, its programs and initiatives, and its financial statements. The report also features a message from the organization's leadership team, testimonials from beneficiaries, and a list of donors and supporters.

Mission, Vision, and Values:

The report begins with a brief overview of the organization's mission, vision, and values. According to the report, Zakat Foundation™ Canada's mission is to "empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency." The organization's vision is to create "a world where everyone has access to basic necessities, such as food, water, shelter, healthcare, and education." The report also outlines the organization's core values, which include integrity, compassion, excellence, and transparency.

Programs and Initiatives:

The report provides detailed information about the various programs and initiatives that Zakat Foundation™ Canada implemented in 2015. These programs and initiatives fall into several categories, including emergency relief, sustainable development, education, healthcare, and advocacy. The report provides an overview of each program and initiative, along with statistics and data to demonstrate the impact of these initiatives.

For example, the emergency relief program provided assistance to people affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods. In 2015, the organization provided emergency relief to more than 20,000 people in Pakistan, Nepal, and Syria. The sustainable development program focused on providing long-term solutions to poverty and included initiatives such as microfinance, skills training, and livelihood support. In 2015, the program provided assistance to more than 5,000 people in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Sudan.

Financial Statements:

The Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015 also includes detailed financial statements that provide transparency and accountability regarding the organization's financial performance. The financial statements include the organization's balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, along with detailed notes to the financial statements.

The report demonstrates that Zakat Foundation™ Canada is a financially stable organization that is committed to using its resources in the most effective way possible. The organization received donations and grants totaling over $2.5 million in 2015, which was used to fund its various programs and initiatives. The report provides detailed information about how these funds were used, including the amount spent on each program and initiative.


The Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015 features testimonials from beneficiaries who have benefited from the organization's programs and initiatives. These testimonials provide powerful insight into the impact of Zakat Foundation™ Canada's work and demonstrate the organization's commitment to empowering individuals and communities.

One beneficiary, for example, describes how the organization's microfinance program helped her start a small business, which allowed her to support her family and send her children to school. Another beneficiary describes how the organization's healthcare program provided life-saving treatment for her child, who was suffering from a serious illness.


Overall, the Zakat Foundation™ Canada Annual Report 2015 is a comprehensive document that provides valuable insight into the organization's activities, achievements, and financial performance. The report demonstrates that Zakat Foundation™ Canada is a transparent,